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NikeLab Introduces the “Light Charcoal” Air Force 1

After revealing an "Urban Haze" edition of the Nike Air Force 1 Low & Mid, NikeLab adds a "Light Charcoal" colorway to the mix of releases. Also coming in both Low and Mid options, the "Light Charcoal" edition of these premium Air Force 1s both sit on white midsoles for a simple yet eye-catching look alongside premium materials found all over the upper. You can expect these and the "Urban Haze" Air Force 1s to release on March 3 at select NikeLab locations.

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HBO Teases More ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Footage With New Featurette

Game of Thrones lovers will surely be pouring over the latest footage from HBO in an effort to read into the upcoming happenings of season 6. Hot on the heels of some exclusive new imagery and a brief teaser, HBO has offered up another look at the upcoming season in the form of a new behind-the-scenes video. Dubbed "The Best Seat in the House," the piece takes an inside look at the work of the cameramen on the show and offers a brief look at a number of characters -- Melisandre, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Daario Naharis, Jonah Mormont, Meera Reed, and the Dothraki army all appear. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jon Snow is nowhere to be found.

Check it out above and look for season 6 of GoT to premiere April 24.


adidas Announces Its Design Academy Program

German sportswear giant adidas is offering a 24-month design program. The aptly-titled adidas Design Academy will offer courses in graphic, footwear, and apparel design to applicants and candidates located in either the U.S. or Germany. The program offers aspiring creators and designers the opportunity to make their own contributions and inventions in the realm of design. The Three Stripes is even offering up the possibility of employment at the end of the program. The application deadline is March 6, while the programs start this summer on June 1. You can find the links to the individual programs' registration sites below, or you can apply here by clicking on the "all jobs" tab.

Apparel (Germany):
Apparel (USA):
Footwear (Germany):
Graphic Design (USA):

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Watch Mischo Erban Longboard His Way Into the Guiness Book of World Records

Czech-Canadian daredevil Mischo Erban is helping redefine extreme sports by pushing skateboarding to its physical limits. The athlete recently zoomed into the Guinness Book of World Records by achieving the fastest recorded speed on an electric skateboard, at a gut-turning 59.55 MPH. He did so on an empty airport runway in Slovenia on a modified NEXTBoard built by Slovenian tech start-up NEXT Generation Vehicles.

Watch the nerve-wracking footage — wipeouts and all — above.


Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Available to Pre-Order Now for $3,000 USD

A little over a year since its debut, Microsoft's HoloLens is officially in production form. The tech giant announced today that interested parties can now apply for invitations to purchase the "Development Edition" of the technology -- and the headsets will begin shipping as soon as March 30. While the tech still isn't available to consumers, the Development Edition is a major step forward and suggests that the HoloLens could see an official release sooner rather than later. "Today represents a monumental step forward. This is the first step in our journey to consumers," said Mirosoft's own Alex Kipman, the inventor of the device and the creator of the Kinect.

Those interested in the Development Edition can apply now via while more information can be found over at the Windows blog.

For a look at the potential of the technology, check out Case Western Reserve University's demonstration.

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The World’s First 2-in-1 iOS & Android Connector Cable Is a Reality

One of the most conspicuous differences between iOS and Android smartphones is their distinctly different charging cables. In a necessary effort, a small startup by the name of LMcable from Perth, Australia is campaigning to create the world's first 2-in-1 connector cable that includes both a micro USB and lightning cord. A simple yet perfect solution, the LMcable needs no description. Made of resilient, tangle-free, halogen-free, tin-plated copper wires (making it 10 times more durable than regular wires) that support both fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging, a brass buckle closure, and a real leather cover, the small, convenient, and environmentally-friendly LMcable comes in colors Sunlight White, Vintage Brown, Moonlight Black and Cowboy Blue.

Learn more about how to purchase and fund the LMcable at their Kickstarter campaign.

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Chef Aleem’s Visual Cookbook ‘How It’s Done’ Will Make You Drool

Chef Aleem has been hard at work putting together a visual cookbook—the first of its kind—to help you figure your way out around the kitchen. The short-but-sweet trailer features footage of the chef whipping up scallops, steak, salmon and other delectable items set to a soundtrack provided by Future & Metro Boomin. The cookbook drops in full in March, but you can pre-order the video from Vimeo's on-demand service for $20 USD here.


Watch Some of Steph Curry’s Insane Three-Pointers From This Season

This weekend's performance may have solidified Stephen Curry as the greatest long-range shooter in NBA history. In a single game, Curry broke two records with a 38-foot three-pointer this weekend during an overtime win at OKC. At 12 three-pointers total, Curry tied Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall for the most three-pointers in a single game, and with an overall total of 288, he also broke his personal record for most three-pointers in regular season play.

With the Warriors securing an April playoff spot, the team is on track to possibly take over the Chicago Bulls' iconic 1995-1996 record of 72 regular season wins. Take a look back at some of Curry's most ridiculous three-pointers this season, with most of them being drained from over 28 feet.


Nike is Giving London its Own Skate-Ready Bruin

The London Underground figures prominently in the latest release from Nike SB as the Swoosh's skate-centric imprint presents a special take on the low-top Bruin. Supposedly inspired by the Tube, the kicks come decked out in premium white leather and employ special graphic insoles -- a nod to the Tube's seats -- while chrome eyelets pay homage to the system's rails. Finished with additional red and blue hits to the shoe's branding, the Nike SB Bruin "London" will soon be available at select stockists across the globe.

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Patagonia’s New “Responsibili-Tees” Will Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Patagonia has always kept one eye on its carbon footprint and eco-friendly sustainability, and the latest in the American activewear company's Earth-friendly mission is its Responsibili-Tee campaign. The new apparel line sources ecologically-sustainable, 100% recycled cotton-polyester blends in order to reduce the brand's need for petroleum and its byproducts in the manufacturing process. The first run of Responsibili-Tees feature the brand's '73 text logo set against a colorful skyline ($35 USD); a 'Live Simply' tee that puts the brand's mission statement at centerstage ($40 USD); and a simple pocket tee featuring the brand's flying fish livery ($50 USD).

Look for these to go on sale at Patagonia stores and stockists later this spring.

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Stream OVOSound Radio’s 16th Episode Featuring BBK’s DJ Maximum

After the news of Drake signing to Skepta's BBK label, Drake and his OVO camp continued their London takeover with Episode 16 of OVOSound Radio. The latest installment in the series features mixes from Oliver and DJ Maximum with songs from Young Thug, Kodak Black, Rihanna, Section Boyz and much more. Check out episode 16 in full below and let us know your thoughts.

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Is Stephen Curry Having a Better Season than Michael Jordan Ever Had?

Stephen Curry’s gait as he dribbled towards mid-court, Saturday night, with less than four seconds remaining in a tied, overtime game between his Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder, seemed to betray none of the urgency of the actual moment at hand. Unlike the anxious fans in the arena or the millions of viewers watching the nationally televised broadcast with jittery nerves, Curry’s movement bore the casualness of someone in full control of not just himself, but of the gravitational atmosphere around him.

With two seconds left, Curry passed half court, stepped into a single, measured dribble, and smoothly pulled up over the outstretched arms, and futile block attempt, of a lunging André Roberson. The ball left Curry’s hand and arced beautifully in the air for a second and a half before ricocheting off the back rim and falling through the net, fulfilling its predestined journey into the increasingly crowded annals of the “Stephen Curry Breaks The Internet Vine Collection,” if not his future Hall of Fame induction highlight reel.

The game winning 38-footer was the perfect representation of Curry’s 2015-16 season not to mention his most potent – yet perhaps, least quantifiable – gift in that it seemed to blur the line between sheer implausibility and utter inevitability.

Nothing about the play, from the gall of the attempt or the splash that followed, was in the least bit surprising. On the contrary, what seemed most shocking about the play was just how unsurprising it was – to Curry’s teammates, to his opponents, to the basketball watching public en masse. That Curry would hoist from such an absurd distance was assured. That the ball would go in was fait accompli. It would be less worthy of discussion were it simply a one-off, but Curry has been doing this, whatever this is, for a while now; challenging, if not outright mocking, previously unassailable strictures of how sound basketball is and should be played. It is the ripple effect of this unique ability – the way he influences and distorts the game - that is carrying Curry’s season on a wave toward a status just as undeniable: that of the single greatest individual season ever seen in the history of the NBA.

Michael Jordan is probably the greatest basketball player of all time in that his excellence in nearly every facet of the game, coupled with six titles won over 15 seasons, makes the sum impact of his career unlikely to be challenged for as long as people are paid to play basketball. His greatest individual season, however, is trickier to pin down. Some think it was his ’87-88 campaign, in which his gaudy traditional statistics (40.4 MPG, 35 PPG, 53.5% FG%, 6 AST, 5.5 RB) converged with his peak efficiency rating (31.7), only to lead to a 2nd round playoff exit. Others believe it was his ’90-91 season, in which his traditional numbers (37 MPG, 31.5 PPG, 53.9% FG%, 5.5 AST, 6 RB) and his efficiency rating (31.6) came down just enough to pave the way for the Bulls to win the first of six championships.

Still others of the contrarian variety believe no Jordan season can compare with Wilt Chamberlain’s ’61-62 season for the Philadelphia Warriors in which he played 48.5 minutes, scored 50.4 points on nearly 51% shooting, while grabbing 25.7 rebounds every night for a season efficiency rating of.. oh who cares about anything before the NBA/ABA merger in 1976?

If, for the purpose of this discussion, Chamberlain’s best seasons are “Babe Ruth-ed” -- disqualified by virtue of the primitiveness and all-around inferiority of the game and quality of competition at the time -- that leaves only Jordan’s best individual seasons to compare against Curry’s current one. Via traditional statistics, Curry’s current numbers (33.9 MPG, 30.7 PPG, 51.5% FG%, 6.6 AST, 5.3 RB) track below Jordan’s best overall seasons. However, a look into more in-depth advanced metrics bolsters the case for Curry being in the midst of the greatest season ever.

If greatness is viewed as the expression of superiority within the confines of understood parameters, how do we describe that which shatters and warps those very parameters?

Curry’s current player efficiency rating, if it held at its present 32.9, would go down as the highest of all time, surpassing even the disqualified (for this conversation) Wilt Chamberlain, who owns the top two ratings in league history. Curry’s PER has been so spectacular this season; he’s a full 4 points ahead of 2nd place Russell Westbrook (for context, 4 points also separate Westbrook’s PER with Hassan Whiteside’s 9th place rating).

Because Curry doesn’t have to play as many minutes as Jordan did in his heyday (which is itself a sign of Curry’s dominant impact), he will likely never surpass any of Jordan’s single season counting stats except for the ones involving 3-point shooting. Curry’s “Per 36” stats, however, actually exceed several of Jordan’s numbers from the ’87-88 AND ’90-91 seasons. Per 36 minutes, Curry’s on pace to score 32.6 points (better than Jordan’s 31.2 in ’87-88 and 30.6 in ’90-91) and dish 7.1 assists (better than Jordan’s 5.3 and 5.8) this season. Curry’s current marks also well exceed those of Jordan’s from ’87-88 and ’90-91 in categories such as True Shooting, Effective Field Goal %, Plus/Minus, Value Over Replacement, Assist %, Win Shares Per 48, Offensive Rating, and nearly every other mathematically-inclined measurement created to annoy old-timey Luddites like Charles Barkley.

It feels apropos that the areas in which Curry is currently out-performing peak Jordan are those less familiar to casual fans, because Curry’s influence is, itself, more difficult to comprehend. After all, if greatness is viewed as the expression of superiority within the confines of understood parameters, how do we describe that which shatters and warps those very parameters?

Jordan vanquished the foes of his era in a way any observer could understand. His dominance was easy to frame in the context of every other player he played with and against because his game didn’t really look all that different from Drexler, Magic or Bird. Jordan simply did everything his opponents did better than them.

Curry, on the other hand, is unlike literally anybody that has played or is currently playing the game. Our minds collectively melt at the sight of someone casually shooting 50% from 30-plus-feet away off the dribble while simultaneously making 65% of his shots from within 5 feet (a rate rarely seen from guards). We’re not used to seeing opposing defenses regularly resort to double and triple teaming someone 5-10 feet behind the 3-point arc, like we’ve seen with Curry, because they’d prefer to give his teammates 4-on-3 or even more ludicrous 4-on-2 advantages than allow him an open look from deep.

At the very least, if Curry does continue his historic, record-breaking, weapon-of-mass-destruction, pace on the way to back-to-back MVPs (and the Warriors go on to best the ’96-’97 Bulls’ 72-10 regular season record en route to corresponding back-to-back championships), resistant pundits and cranky old-timers will have less fodder with which to nitpick Curry’s growing legend. But regardless of the final outcome, what Curry’s doing right now - breaking records and ankles seemingly every night - should be enjoyed and celebrated as something as wholly unique as Curry himself. It's not as if basketball fans will ever truly come to a consensus on a topic as subjective as whose season was the greatest ever anyway. Besides, Curry's season is making us ask ourselves something much more interesting than whether or not it's better than MJ's -- it’s giving us a chance to question which we want to see more, the “WOW!” or the “WTF!?”

If you haven't already peeped, check out Ken's piece on Durant's quiet, but monstrous season here, as well as a review of the Warrior's beautiful death here.

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