Pen & Paper: Cryptik

You may recognize Cryptik's work from his hypnotizing murals strewn across Los Angeles and San Francisco; the young graffiti, sticker and street artist is most known for his intricately ornate artwork that tends to hold bold designs and spiritual themes with heavy influences from religion, architecture and language. The artist also spearheads The CRYPTIK movement, a public art campaign dedicated "to helping humanity evolve towards greater awareness and understanding through the use of compelling, iconic imagery that demands both scrutiny and reverie." For our latest Pen & Paper, we caught up with Cryptik who gives us a glimpse of what the inner workings of his mind have translated onto the latest entries of his sketchbook.

Cryptik's sketchbook is chockfull of original designs penned in different mediums, including pencil, ink and paint, and executed in rich, earthy tones, such as black, mahogany brown, burnt sienna and gold. While the artist and the movement that follows have no affiliation to any religious or political agendas, his use of Buddhist and Hindu-esque iconography is evident in his sketches. Cryptik's meticulous attention to detail brings life to his designs as perfectly symmetrical mandalas  and tribal masks are placed alongside his own renditions of ancient script reminiscent of Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Arabic, snaking their way through the pages. The last page represents Cryptik's translation of the HYPEBEAST logo in his own artistic scripture. You can explore more of Cryptik's magnificent murals on Instagram, and read more about the movement here.

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