Agenda Las Vegas 2015 Summer Recap

Agenda just saw its third and final stop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The overall vibe was that of a more relaxed show, with a heavy emphasis on networking and collaborative work between people and brands. Jeff Staple and his Staple crew were front and center, along with powerhouses Diamond Supply Co., native and SSUR each with stunning exhibitions. Brands like BrandBlack, Champion and ICNY brought a great display of collections and items, while a few key figures like Pusha T, Ben Baller, Jim Jones, Yo Gotti and even Soulja Boy made an appearance to the show to rep their brands and meet the fans. Agenda founder Aaron Levant made his rounds to make sure everything was running to spec, while sponsor Flexfit dominated the central choke point of the floor with custom hats and refreshments, a necessity most people took advantage of when coming in from the 104°F plus heat of the scorching Nevada desert. Check out the recap pics above and get amped for Agenda's return this coming winter.

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