Help Team USA Create a Giant Combat Robot to Defeat Japan

MegaBots Inc. challenged Japan to a giant robot duel, and they agreed -- but the fight had to include hand-to-hand combat. So harnessing the power of crowdfunding, MegaBots Inc. is asking fans to help them build the best giant robot in the world's first giant robot fight. The current team of engineers have created the Mk.II which "tops out at 2.5 mph and is built for long-range paintball combat. That means it has thin, destructible armor plates and a mesh canopy. The entire robot is built to be 'lightweight' (if you can call 12,000 pounds light), and hand-to-hand fighting is a whole new level of combat. "However, in order for the robot to survive hand-to-hand combat there's still plenty of work that needs to be done, including some beefier armor and stronger firepower. Check out its Kickstarter page here and pledge to support, with plenty of rewards available.