The Mondrian Pepsi Can by Andrea Salamino

Piet Mondrian, widely considered a pioneer of the geometry-inflected abstract style called Neoplasticism, is sometimes overlooked when we talk about pop art. Realistically, Mondrian's work (and later, that of Jean Gorin) was the baseline inspiration for other disciplines including music, writing and architecture – even through to today. Here Italian graphic designer Andrea Salamino celebrates the Dutch legend with a conceptual work that finds a Mondrian-inspired blocked grid across a Pepsi can. Salamino's lead tagline, "The World Is Not Just Red," is part of a larger excerpt calling art viewers to resist monotony. Accordingly, Salamino's choice in red makes particular reference to the other cola. Although purely a mock-up for entertainment, would you like to see this design on a Pepsi can? Enjoy the above and be sure to leave thoughts below.

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