A Look at “The BASE” Berlin from adidas

It is no secret that adidas is looking beyond the pitch for its long-term strategy in football. Activation events such as FANATIC has brought together not just those within the footballing realm but it encompassed a multitude of other entities in the fashion and media sphere. We already highlighted how the German sportswear giants had set its sites to the streets in our editorial feature and now we give you first-hand experience of its direction in this video. "The BASE" was set up in June to give back to the community, aiming to tap a demographic that plays its football with different rules. Rather than scoring goals and keeping track of assists, street football has a difference in its fundamentals, where embarrassing your opponent and attitude reigns supreme. This huge footballing complex will remain there for over a year and others will surely follow. Enjoy the video above and find out more about "The BASE."

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