Tricker’s for Engineered Garments 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Pride is integral to craft, and without it, there's no progression – this is especially true in terms of fashion. Of the old school, Tricker's is a reputed practitioner of quality-over-quantity construction, while across continents Engineered Garments too represents such proud manufacturing. Accordingly, the partnership between the two brands is sensibly elite. For fall/winter 2015, Engineered Garments and Tricker's present three silhouettes – the Handsewn Toe Derby, the Handsewn Toe Boot and the Biker Boot – all of which balance timeless durability with new-age simplicity. While the derby and toe boot silhouettes are inflected with distinctive moccasin-like features, the Biker Boot is accented with brogue details through the toebox and a sporty tab at the collar. Pick up your favorite of these option at Engineered Garments accounts as well as Nepenthes locations in New York and across Japan.

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