Peter Gronquist “All Of The Above” @ SOZE Gallery

Portland-based artist Peter Gronquist is well-versed across disciplines ranging from sculpture to fine painting, and is specifically relevant for his ironic integration of brand messaging within his works. Here we find the revered artist on the cusp of a new gallery show at Los Angeles' SOZE Gallery, dubbed "All Of The Above." The exhibition consists of two parts: the first is a collection of abstract paintings encased in sanded plexiglass covers to give off an ethereal glow when beheld. The second part finds Gronquist toying with infinite mirrors and gilded sculptures – shapes such as skulls, machine guns and fighter jets recur from earlier works – to offer a holistic look at each object. Check out a preview of the show above and head on to SOZE Gallery to witness "All Of The Above" in person from now until August 25.

SOZE Gallery
935 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
United States

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