DJ Clark Kent Speaks On Jay Z’s Unreleased Tupac Diss in New Interview

In a new interview with New York's ItsTheReal, DJ Clark Kent took to the platform to discuss, well, real beef. As the man behind Jay Z during his very infamous Prodigy diss at Summer Jam 2001 (which was the catalyst for the Nas feud), the longstanding DJ and producer has firsthand experience in such matters. During the discourse, which also covers the Drake/Meek Mill diss, the stages of ghostwriting, and Pharrell's general greatness, DJ Clark Kent also reveals that JAY-Z had initially prepared a diss track aimed at Tupac before he died. The track was scathing according to Kent's account, and was performed one famous night at the Apollo Theater in New York. One of the more riveting stories in the narrative on beef, listen to the full audio interview above.