Larsson & Jennings’ In-House Coffee Bar Brings a New Dynamic to Watch Shopping

Fika (pronounced fee­-ka) is a Swedish concept, meaning "coffee time." Incorporating this tradition into its latest flagship, Larsson & Jennings has worked alongside London roasters Alchemy to open its own in-house fika bar. Creative Director Freddie Wyatt had this to say about the new experimental design:

Fika is an integral part of the Larsson & Jennings brand and store experience. It is a great demonstration of the Anglo-Swedish culture and approach that Larsson & Jennings is built on. Specifically, in a store environment, we want our customers to make informed and thoughtful decisions about the purchase of our watches. Serving Fika allows the customers time and space to consider the products and speak with our store staff.

Certainly a new concept among watch retailers, the fika bar offers a comfortable space for patrons to contemplate the full collection of Swiss-made watches. For a firsthand experience, be sure to visit Larsson & Jennings' London shop at the address below, while New Yorkers will be able to enjoy London roasted coffee at the soon-to-launch Bleeker Street shop.

Larsson & Jennings
53 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
United Kingdom