Dime MTL x Vans “Glory Challenge” Video

When all is said and done, skateboarding – as anything else – should be fun. A discipline that exists at the apex of "art" and "sport," much of the criticism surrounding skate contests has to do with the sense of competition that detracts from the 'fun' aspect of skateboarding. Acknowledging this and in keeping with the momentum from their recent collaboration, Dime MTL and Vans teamed up to throw an anti-contest with in the "Glory Contest." A video from the event has just surfaced, which finds non-traditional contest skaters like Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatorre and Jamal Smith together for ridiculous, ironic challenges like the "Gangster Challenge" – which rewards the best fake on-board style – and even a race, which was broken up by mandatory beer chugging sections. Is this the new benchmark for contest skateboarding? If so, we're looking forward to next year. If you haven't already, pick up a pair of the Dime MTL x Vans Slip-On at your local skate shop.

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