Brad Hall Cashes in With NBA 2K16 Boombox Giveaway

Following his live appearance on a local news show, Brad Hall is back, however this time he's not reviewing or unboxing a new, coveted sneaker. The peculiar internet sensation is here to give away a special edition NBA 2K16 Boombox package complete with a tape player and "four great sounding tapes" with "something from DJ Premier." His reason for giving it all away: "I just get all the music that I need from my wife. She sings to me pretty much throughout the day everyday." To enter, all you have to do is head to the YouTube page, and in the comments section type "I want boombox" and nothing else. He means that.

For all of us wondering if Brad Hall was just a character, think Andy Kaufman, cashing in on the sneaker industry, it seems as if we have our answer.