The Sawmill House in Victoria, Australia by Archier

Melbourne-based design firm Archier has just revealed its latest project, taking to the sweeping sleepy Australian town of Yackandandah (Victoria, Australia) to plant a home for a small three-person family. Of particular note, the open-plan home makes use of recycled concrete – 270 one-ton blocks, to be specific – to create the perimeter of the building. In addition to being environmentally sound, the resulting texture harkens back to the plot's past life as an actual lumber mill. The rest of the interior is composed with stained wood, and is organized modularly such that the home can adapt as the family grows. Natural ventilation flows upward through the home thanks to its situation atop a valley, while selective use of glass here offers ample protection from the elements. Explore this award-winning home above and head here to check out more work from Archier.

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