This Luxury Resort Blends Perfectly Into the Southern Utah Desert

Inconspicuously hewn out of the striking desert landscape of Canyon Point in southern Utah is the 600-acre estate of the Amangiri luxury resort. Washed in an unobtrusive beige hue and tucked into a valley near the Arizona border, the single-story complex offers humbling vistas of the Escalante National Monument and is built around an architecturally stunning swimming pool that gracefully incorporates an imposing rocky ridge, splitting the pool down the middle. Meanwhile, its 34 suites each boast unique features such as views of the desert or mesa, private pools, as well as private stargazing terraces to fully take advantage of the crisp, clear desert air. The resort also has an art gallery, a library, a restaurant, and a full service spa for the ultimate getaway. For more details, click here.

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