Ben Sherman x Alpha Industries 2015 Fall MA-1 Collection

55 years of the MA-1 silhouette have seen Alpha Industries enjoying the peak of the summit in terms of outerwear; the Alpha Industries bomber is indisputably indispensable, a must-have in any respectable wardrobe. Various brands over the past few years have helped extend the silhouette's longevity in the canon, but Alpha is notably selective when it comes to partnerships. This makes its latest collaboration with classic English brand Ben Sherman all the more important. Given the MA-1's well-established role in the British fashion canon, changing the formula of the jacket is not in the interests of either heritage-driven brand. Instead, Ben Sherman outfitted the silhouette with a dope satin twill outer through the body, tweaking the jacket with Harrington-style pockets for ease-of-wear. At the interior, the jacket is stitched with the house gingham, which can be worn reversed for a signature twist. Available in three colors, have a look at the video in action above and head here to pick up a piece for yourself.